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Love & Light Therapy Centre
Kempton Park Gauteng South Africa Cell Phone: 084 506 2741 Website: Love & Light Therapy Centre

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Determined to make a difference in the world, Athenea Faye has pursued many academic, holistic and alternative educations to be able to help people release themselves from their past conditioning and embrace who they are supposed to be.

Authenticity is your best talent and your gift to the world. She is passionate about helping you embrace your greatness so that you can live your best life. By being authentic and really knowing who you are and what you want, you allow yourself to shine. She assists individuals to embrace their own personal greatness by helping them to overcome all their limiting beliefs, fears and insecurities that very often prevent people from reaching their full potential. In her own journey towards overcoming limiting beliefs, she learnt many lessons along the way and began to recognize how so many people seem to limit themselves and self-sabotage their dreams because of fears, beliefs and feelings of unworthiness. She saw how so many people are diminishing their light because they are so afraid to shine.

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