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10 Everest Close Constantia Cape Town 7806 South Africa Cell Phone: +27 083 7822278 Website: HeadHeartHealing

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I have been a practicing Hypnotherapist since 2010. My interest in Hypnosis started when I experienced what it felt like to get divorced and discovered that I was drug sensitive and unable to tolerate anti-depressants. Desperate and depressed, I investigated alternative therapies and went to see a Hypnosis Practitioner. I’m happy to say I have never looked back!

I believe that our actions or decisions are often made with our heads (conscious minds) but our hearts (subconscious minds) are not always in agreement which often leads to conflict, self-sabotage and illness. I am constantly amazed at how Hypnosis addresses these conflicts in a totally client centered and highly effective manner, so that we can be free to lead normal, loving and happy lives.

I particularly enjoy working with clients who struggle with quitting smoking and weight management, as I believe being able to conquer what controls you, is key to your own healing. I also consult clients with other challenges such as early childhood trauma, depression, low self-esteem, fears, phobias and insomnia.

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