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Healing Elements
68 Holland Street Goodwood Cape Town Western Cape South Africa Cell Phone: 0823394753 Website: Healing Elements

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I have discovered what my father had seen all those long years ago, that deep down inside I am a healer and that helping others heal is a very humbling and rewarding experience. It made me realise firstly that my problems are not the largest in the world and secondly, nobody should be too proud to ask for help. As a healer I am constantly reminding myself that it has taken a lot of courage in the person in front of me to say “I need help”. It is an honour for me that they chose me to be the person to help them. As both a client-centred hypnotherapist and an energy healing practitioner I am just a guide in the process because healing can only come from the person themselves. I’ve been practicing under the name Healing Elements since late 2017. The name Healing Elements is taken from the understanding that we draw healing from nature’s elements and our internal elements.

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