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Riverside Hypnosis
40 Riverside Road Pinelands Cape Town Western Cape Cell Phone: 072 2223370 Website: Riverside Hypnosis

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While studying hypnotherapy we were required to practice many techniques on each other. These sessions had an unexpectedly profound effect on my experience of life and the way I feel about myself. It confirmed for me that we do quite literally create our own reality. Change is always possible and we can choose to enjoy the process. Hypnotherapy has helped me to become alcohol free and much more confident while enjoying a lasting sense of liberation.

Reaching into the infinite​ ​​subconscious mind using guided hypnosis ​is a wonderful way to​ access those​​ parts that sabotage your life, giving you an opportunity to make peace, heal​ and create new neural pathways. No matter what your spiritual beliefs or issues, hypnotherapy is a powerful way to accelerate personal growth, change habits and gain insight.​ ​There is always a deeper level of healing ​and consciousness​ to experience.

My special interests are empowering women, relationships, sexuality​,​ ​sleep ​and ​addiction.​

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