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Photo of Desiree Attwood
10 Everest Close Constantia Cape Town 7806 South Africa Cell Phone: +27 083 7822278 Website: HeadHeartHealing

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I have been a practicing Hypnotherapist since 2010. My interest in Hypnosis started when I experienced what it felt like to get divorced and discovered that I was drug sensitive and unable to tolerate anti-depressants. Desperate and depressed, I investigated alternative therapies and went to see a Hypnosis Practitioner. I’m happy to say I have never looked back!

I believe that our actions or decisions are often made with our heads (conscious minds) but our hearts (subconscious minds) are not always in agreement which often leads to conflict, self-sabotage and illness. I am constantly amazed at how Hypnosis addresses these conflicts in a totally client centered and highly effective manner, so that we can be free to lead normal, loving and happy lives.

I particularly enjoy working with clients who struggle with quitting smoking and weight management, as I believe being able to conquer what controls you, is key to your own healing. I also consult clients with other challenges such as early childhood trauma, depression, low self-esteem, fears, phobias and insomnia.

Feel free to contact me for more information.

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Photo of Vanessa Baragwanath
Change is Possible
1202 Milpark 3 Ixia Street Milnerton Cape Town 7441 South Africa Cell Phone: 073 3520671 Website: Change is Possible

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I qualified as a hypnotherapist in November 2011 with the South African Institute of Hypnotism. My further training includes Past Life Regression, Parts Therapy, Smoking Cessation, Spiritual Hypnosis and NLP. I am also an accredited Journey Therapist.

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Photo of Rod Burn
12 Hugo Avenue Hillcrest Hout Bay Cape Town Western Cape Cell Phone: 0826046389

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I focus on recovery processes from anxiety, addiction and depression.

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Photo of Hafsa Parker
Healing Elements
68 Holland Street Goodwood Cape Town Western Cape South Africa Cell Phone: 0823394753 Website: Healing Elements

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I have discovered what my father had seen all those long years ago, that deep down inside I am a healer and that helping others heal is a very humbling and rewarding experience. It made me realise firstly that my problems are not the largest in the world and secondly, nobody should be too proud to ask for help. As a healer I am constantly reminding myself that it has taken a lot of courage in the person in front of me to say “I need help”. It is an honour for me that they chose me to be the person to help them. As both a client-centred hypnotherapist and an energy healing practitioner I am just a guide in the process because healing can only come from the person themselves. I’ve been practicing under the name Healing Elements since late 2017. The name Healing Elements is taken from the understanding that we draw healing from nature’s elements and our internal elements.

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Photo of Belinda Roxburgh
Riverside Hypnosis
40 Riverside Road Pinelands Cape Town Western Cape Cell Phone: 072 2223370 Website: Riverside Hypnosis

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While studying hypnotherapy we were required to practice many techniques on each other. These sessions had an unexpectedly profound effect on my experience of life and the way I feel about myself. It confirmed for me that we do quite literally create our own reality. Change is always possible and we can choose to enjoy the process. Hypnotherapy has helped me to become alcohol free and much more confident while enjoying a lasting sense of liberation.

Reaching into the infinite​ ​​subconscious mind using guided hypnosis ​is a wonderful way to​ access those​​ parts that sabotage your life, giving you an opportunity to make peace, heal​ and create new neural pathways. No matter what your spiritual beliefs or issues, hypnotherapy is a powerful way to accelerate personal growth, change habits and gain insight.​ ​There is always a deeper level of healing ​and consciousness​ to experience.

My special interests are empowering women, relationships, sexuality​,​ ​sleep ​and ​addiction.​

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Photo of Taryn Schwarz
Claremont Cape Town Western Cape Cell Phone: 083 5533595 Website: MindPlay

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MindPlay is a non-medical hypnotherapy and counselling practice based in Cape Town, offering both online and face-to-face services. Mindfulness based practices, hypnotherapy, visualization and affirmation are all included to help my clients transform and heal. I received my training at Rhodes University, the South African College of Applied Psychology and the South African Institute of Hypnotherapy.


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