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The New Forest Sanctuary
The New Forest Sanctuary Fort Nottingham Midlands Kwa Zulu Natal 3610 South Africa Cell Phone: 082 6060755 Website: The New Forest Sanctuary

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An insatiable seeker of knowledge and desire for a deeper understanding of the human psyche, I offer a healing experience that encompasses the many healing modalities I am qualified in.

These include QHHT certification (quantum Healing hypnosis technique developed by Dolores Cannon) Classical Hypnosis certification with SAMHA, and Crystal Resonance Therapy Certification with the Crystalis Institute of America. I am also an Energy Medicine Master practitioner and have Reiki Master certification along with certification in to many other modalities to mention here. Specializing in advanced past life regression, my passion is facilitating healing and alleviating unnecessary suffering and stress. I offer a broad based, holistic, problem-solving approach to hypnosis and healing and try to offer a different perspective to the many issues confronting the human experience. Post treatment support is offered. My purpose in life is to serve.

I practice at my retreat Centre, The New Forest Sanctuary, surrounded by mountains, indigenous forests, rivers, pure clean air and powerful Earth Energy. I also offer the opportunity to experience healing whilst overnighting at the retreat centre, to enable full integration in calm beautiful peaceful surroundings

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