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912 N. 1st Street Renton Washington Washington 98157 Cell Phone: +1 425 2985685 Website: Beyond Hypnosis
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I hold a degree in Psychology and I am a certified clinical Hypnotherapist registered with the state of Washington.

My focus is to support adults in the arena of vocational and avocational self improvement, with an emphasis on the Spiritual causes, and Metaphysical aspects of Weight management, Addiction, Smoking Cessation, Depression/Anxiety, and Life Purpose.

As a retired teacher, and owner/operator of a licensed child care center, I also enjoy working with children. According to me, children are the best hypnotic subjects… still able to naturally and easily to plug into the subconscious realm. That’s why using hypnosis to help children with problems such as; Bed Wetting, Fears, Separation Anxiety, or Picky Eating is so beneficial. Working with children also provides the opportunity to foster positive self-esteem and bolster self-confidence in the lives of the children, and their parents.

I am a member of the American Association of Hypnotists and the Hypnotherapists Union Local 472.
I am also a member of The Association of Black Psychologists and Jegna (mentorship), dedicated to healing the unique mental and spiritual needs of people of Indigenous/African descent.
As a member of the Seattle – Mombasa (Kenya) Sister City Association (SMSCA), I am actively involved in its many initiatives:

• Support educational and cultural exchanges between the two cities.
• Encourage and promote international understanding and goodwill.
• Encourage an appreciation of pluralism.
• Promote trade and tourism beneficial to both economies.

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